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Phone: +7(812) 571-65-55
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Bachelor Degree Programs

The main element of the International Banking Institute concept of continuous education is composed by the Bachelor Degree Programs. The programs’ main objective is to train highly-qualified and well-prepared both theoretically and practically specialists in Banking, Finance, Accounting, IT and Management.

Education in the IBI is arranged in the strict compliance with the state educational standards adopted by the Ministry of Education for the Russian Federation. Upon graduation the students are conferred state approved diplomas. Program graduates have a wide range of professional paths to go whether in Russian companies or overseas ones.

Main features:
  • Duration of the program — 4 years
  • Program format — Full - or part-time
  • Language — Russian
  • Location — IBI building at 6, Malaya Sadovaya str., IBI building at 4, Shaumyana av.

Strengths and benefits:
  • Small academic groups of about 20 students, in foreign languages and IT classes not more than 10 students
  • Academic groups for major subjects and foreign languages are made up according to the results of the regular assessment tests
  • Full correspondence with academic programs of foreign business schools
  • Advanced students can choose two specializations
  • At least two foreign languages are taught
  • Summer schools, internships and trainings in leading Russian and international companies
  • Opportunity to study abroad during one or two semesters in partner institutions
  • Great opportunities to participate in research projects, scientific conferences and competitions
  • Sport facilities
  • Deferment of military service
  • Unforgettable students life

  • Finance and Credit
    The main objective is to prepare bachelors majoring in Banking Business and Financial Management. Over the learning period students are provided with a system of skills and knowledge necessary for efficient work in banks, asset management companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions.
  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit
    Program specialized in this field prepares specialists with broad background in finance, accounting, statistics, analysis and audit with focus on the international experience and international standards. Program graduates can successfully work in state and commercial organizations.
  • World Economy
    The main purpose of the program specialized in World Economy is to prepare bachelor with vast knowledge in the field of international relations and business. Program graduates are also ready to resolve specific problems existing in Russian companies willing to enter the international markets as well as of the foreign companies functioning within our country.
  • Management
    Over the period of studies students master all necessary skills to become an efficient manager without specification in any particular field. It gives them a wide range of areas of business for their future professional activity.
  • IT in Economics
    This program prepares specialists in applied informational technologies. Students acquire necessary skills in data management, programming, internet business, data protection, web-design, etc, that makes them irreplaceable specialists for organizations of any field and specialization.
  • Crisis Management
    Crisis Management Program graduates are prepared from both theoretical and practical point of view to be successful and efficient managers even under conditions of the shaky economy.

Students distribution by specializations: